TSV Summer Safety Campaign

Victorian State Government, Transport Safety Victoria




Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) regulates the safety of recreational boating in Victoria.

In December 2005, Victoria introduced new legislation making it mandatory to wear life jackets, after a 2003 report found that the absence of a life jacket was a major factor in the majority of drowning deaths. Despite the laws being in place for nine years, wear rates have been recently found to be declining in line with a corresponding decline in enforcement and education.

The group most at risk, male recreational boaters aged 55+, was the main target of the 2014-15 summer safety campaign, which focussed on the effect of a death on those left behind. Research found this emotional approach was particularly powerful for older males, who may not be too concerned about their own wellbeing but would care about the impact on their loved ones.

The campaign included a microsite, press and magazines, boat ramp billboards and online advertising.