Switch On - Brand Identity

Victorian State Government, 
Dept of State Development, Business & Innovation 


2012- current

In response to the changing Victorian electricity sector including the introduction of smart meter technology and changing price structures, in 2012 the Victorian Government green lit the development of a comprehensive ‘one stop’ online resource to assist Victorians to remain informed of the changes taking place in the market and empowering them with information to minimise their electricity bills.

Commotion was awarded the project with their ‘Switch On -Take Charge of Your Power Bill’ concept. Over the past two years Commotion has worked closely with the DSDBI team in the ongoing strategic development, research, creative development, production and despatch of:

  • The ‘Switch On’ brand name and identity
  • The Switch On website, including design and production of the interactive ‘Appliance Calculator’, ‘Energy Calculator’, ‘Flexible Pricing Profiler’ and ‘My Power Planner’ online tools
  • All digital, broadcast and press advertising directing Victorians to the website
  • All printed fact sheets, FAQ and brochure collateral.

The launch campaign started the conversation about energy efficiency and managing energy bills, and placed the Government in frame as a credible, independent source of information. Subsequent phases introduced the concept of flexible electricity pricing (a key consumer benefit of smart meters), and provided information and tools to assist consumers to make the best choice for their needs. This included the introduction of ‘My Power Planner’, a price comparator tool that allows users to compare electricity retail plans and potentially find a better offer.