Commotion Creative provides clients with a truly unique resource – our people. Together we have many years of experience in all facets of advertising and design, from strategy and consumer research through to creative development, account management and production, bringing a wealth of knowledge to each and every client. 

We’re big enough to leave the egos at the door but small enough to ensure the lines are always open to speak directly to the person you need.
Say hello to…

Stuart Laverie
Creative Director, Copy

A pop culture afficionado raised on a diet of 60s and 70s TV shows, Stu realised early on that he was destined for a career in advertising after watching American sitcom Bewitched. Larry Tate and Darrin Stephens, ad exec husband of the nose twitching Samantha, seemed to have such fun at their day job. “Drawings, slogans, easels, presentations - what’s not to like?” he says.

Starting his career as a graphic designer before making the move into advertising at Lintas, he scored a TV campaign for Honda within his first six months that resulted in Civic becoming the biggest selling small car in Australia. MADC Awards, New York Art Director Awards, London Advertising Festival Awards followed - and he was well and truly hooked!

Along with Andrew, Stu started Commotion with the ideal in mind to create a flatter hierarchy than is found in most agencies. He wanted to work as an expert extension of a client’s marketing team and for them to be able to talk directly with the person they most needed. Since opening Commotion, Stu has been instrumental in creating highly successful campaigns for many Victorian Government departments and private sector clients across all categories.

Stu’s passion for the Darrin Stephens lifestyle hasn’t waned, and his most rewarding moments come after the hard slog of developing a strategy and creative solution, when a client’s brief is nailed, their eyes light up when he’s presenting a great concept, and their passion for their own work is reignited.  Heady, intoxicating stuff indeed. What’s not to like?


Robyn Stammers
Account Director

A highly experienced senior Account Director, Robyn’s career in advertising began at healthcare agency Finesse, after a HR consultant gently suggested she might not be exactly the right fit for a corporate environment but her personality seemed perfect for advertising. Loving the constant challenges thrown at her by management, she realised she’d found her niche.

The following years saw her try her hand at big agencies such as DDB Needham, Y&R Mattingly and George Patts, working on iconic brands like Sportscraft, Sportsgirl, Myer and Coles Supermarkets. She joined Commotion in 2006, where she has gained extensive government experience and is responsible for strategy, coordination and implementation of all campaign media including television, digital, radio, print, press, magazines and outdoor. 

Robyn loves the little feeling she gets in her stomach when she knows she’s seeing creative that, like Goldilocks porridge, is just right. She has a strong service ethos, and tries to get to really know the people who are her clients and make the process as enjoyable as possible for them. She lives by the maxim that people do business with people because they choose to, that they can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product, but it’s the personal connection that makes the difference. In her spare time her service ethos sees her trying to keep up with the demands of two teenagers and hosting international students in her home, in an effort to be recognised as Australia’s answer to the Jolie-Pitt ‘rainbow’ family.

Mark Smith – Account Manager

Mark’s Grade 6 yearbook states he wanted to be an accountant when he grew up, but somehow he ended up as an Account Manager…sounds similar but one involves quite a lot more maths.  

After working on the Tourism Queensland account for five years for Brisbane agency Coroneo and Co, he joined Commotion in 2012 as Account Manager for the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, responsible for planning, strategy and trafficking all projects across their portfolio of brands including the Royal Melbourne Show, Melbourne Showgrounds and the suite of Epicure Awards programs.

Mark’s interpersonal skills make him a perfect intermediary between clients, creative staff and suppliers. He has a relaxed but hardworking ethic, with an emphasis on client service and support. He counts strategy development and sitting down with the creatives to see how they have interpreted a brief amongst the best parts of his workday.

A self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Mark loves to pass his time playing ice hockey or doing any sport that involves riding a board, and making sure his health insurance premiums are always up to date.

Dana Morgan – Project Manager

Dana was studying Film and TV at uni before swapping to a business degree where she discovered a real love of marketing. To be totally honest, her motivation may have had something to do with wanting to be like Melrose Place’s Amanda Woodward, glamorous boss of D&D Advertising, who always looked fabulous in snappy power suits while selling big ideas to her clients. 

After a stint at media buying, Dana landed at her first full service ad agency as account manager for a property development company, working on a range of residential projects from skyscrapers to golf residential communities. She was planning a move to the Big Apple when a boutique developer of prestige waterfront highrises lured her to Surfers Paradise with a dream role as marketing manager. Four years later, her yearning for bigger smoke saw her move to Melbourne to work for property developers MAB, launching their retail centre in Melbourne's north, before jumping back to the agency side. She joined Commotion in 2008, where has been responsible for campaign strategy, co-ordination and implementation on major campaigns for the Department of Primary Industries, Transport Certification Australia and Racing Victoria among others.

Dana’s years of experience working on the client side help her contribute to her clients’ overall marketing objectives and plans, and her natural good humour and friendly approach make her popular amongst her colleagues and clients alike.

Besides her adorable three year old son, Dana’s passion is interior styling, architecture and decor, so with all that spare time she has between work, playing with train sets and building Lego creations, she likes to kick back with a mai tai and flick through glossy magazines on the subject.