Bully Stoppers, Identity

Victorian State Government, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


Unlike many other anti-bullying initiatives, the Bully Stoppers program focuses on an attitudinal change, encouraging all primary and secondary students, teachers and parents to speak more openly about bullying, so that it can be stopped via proactive engagement rather than by punitive action.

The approach focused on the positive strategy driving the project, highlighting ideas of ‘having a conversation’ and ‘sharing information’, to eradicate negative ideas about ‘dobbing’. The new identity also needed to appeal to a very wide age group without feeling too juvenile for a teenage audience, and as an action oriented initiative, the colour palette needed to be vibrant without being ‘kiddy’.

The solution featured a capital typographic ‘B’ in the word ‘Bully Stoppers’ that utilised colourful speech balloon shapes as the negative spaces within the ‘B’, suggesting the initiative is focused on engagement and positive, upbeat conversations to stamp out unacceptable behaviour. The use of two speech balloons facing different directions also suggests that there are always two sides to every conversation, each needing to be heard to help reach a solution.

Final deliverables included a full electronic logo suite and style guide, layouts for internal communications, fact sheet templates, website tile and masthead designs, a set of assets for third party partners and a series of messages and graphics for advertising communications.