Let’s Band Together

Making live music venues harassment free.


With the enthusiastic support of Victoria's live music scene operators, Commotion has collaborated with the Victorian Government Department of Justice and Regulation to create and produce a compelling pilot program designed to put an end to sexual harassment within live music venues.

From naming the initiative, creating the campaign identity, and developing the look and feel, Commotion undertook the project knowing that the last thing the campaign needed to do was to look like a typical authority campaign.

Instead, it was critical that the campaign felt authentic to the target audiences of live music organisers, performers and goers so that they would feel engaged enough to participate in the initiative.

From staff-training packs to a strategic use of in-venue opportunities including drinks coasters, staff t-shirts and lanyards, bathroom posters and decals, venue entrance decals and digital assets for the use of venues across their own websites and social platforms, Commotion delivered a unified and comprehensive rollout that was met with great enthusiasm - and uptake - by pilot project participants such as The Corner and Toff Of The Town, to name just two.